Press and blog coverage of Future of Media events:

  • Five of Canada’s brightest digital news minds gathered for a discussion on the future of media… (via Globe & Mail)
  • The days of the ‘single platform reporter’ are over, concedes David Skok, journalist and senior producer of online content at Global News… (via
  • …The future is not as gloomy as many say. “I’m not one who thinks that mainstream media is in its demise phase…” (via The Wire Report – opens in PDF)
  • The lively discussion explored how media organizations – large and small – are adapting to the web; how social media has influenced journalism and touched on what the future may hold for media professionals… (via CNW’s Beyond the Wire)
  • …At the end of day, what any outlet still needs is compelling stories to watch and read. All this new technology is a distribution mechanism, but ultimately, content is king, and what still sells is good storytelling…(via Torontoist)
  • Just a few years ago it would’ve been unheard of for high-ranking officials from CBC, CTV and Rogers to share equal stage time with a blogger and an advocate for amateur journalism — and yet they all did so quite comfortably last night at the Future of Media discussion… (via Eye Weekly)
  • Time will tell if journalism will be completely changed with the use of social media networking. The early view is that it has and will continue to evolve as technology changes the way consumers obtain their news… (via Newz4You)
  • It was interesting to hear from Anjali Kapoor from the Globe & Mail and David Skok from Global News about how their organizations are evolving and embracing change. Polar Mobile’s Kunal Gupta provided some great insight into how mobile devices are changing content consumption, while Facebook’s Elmer Sotto talked about the role that Facebook is playing as a distribution platform…(via Mark Evans Tech)
  • …We should all get off the “Twitter is better than sliced bread” bandwagon, and see it for what it is: a tool for communication…(via Make Johnny Cash)