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Report: Apple will announce iPhone 5 details on Oct. 4

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by David Silverberg

Apple’s next event on October 4 will reportedly unveil the iPhone 5 to the world, according to sources close to tech news site All Things D. The event is also momentous for being CEO Tim Cook’s first major product introduction.

As All Things D reports, their sources said “the Oct. 4 date has been selected by the company to showcase the iPhone 5.” Details of Apple’s smartphone will be revealed on that day and it will be available to purchase several weeks later.

Previous media reports indicated October as the month for the iPhone 5 release.

Newly appointed CEO Tim Cook is slated to make his first big product introduction on Oct. 4, an honour previously held by Steve Jobs, who stepped down as CEO last month.

All Things D writes on the new CEO’s role: “Still, the pressure will be on Cook to turn in a good performance at the event, especially after what has so far been a very smooth leadership transition at Apple.”

Rumours have circulated over what the new iPhone 5 will include. Nick Bilton of the New York Times writes the next iPhone may be updated with an eight-megapixel camera made by Sony. Also, it will house a powerful A5 dual-core processor currently found in the iPad.Analyst Mark Moskowitz said he expects the new iPhone 5 to offer “1GB of RAM to increase memory access times,” according to AppleInsider.

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Digital Journal launches iPad and PlayBook apps powered by Polar Mobile

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Digital Journal, a global digital media network with contributors in more than 200 countries, has launched two free news apps for the Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook.

Partnering with Polar Mobile, Digital Journal is releasing free tablet apps that feature breaking news, blogs, image galleries and user-generated content submitted by more than 32,000 Digital Journalists around the world.

“Digital Journal is excited about the opportunity to continue working with Polar Mobile to showcase world class user-generated content on mobile devices,” said Chris Hogg, CEO, Digital Journal. “With the success of our mobile apps on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone devices, we’re eager to extend our mobile reach into the tablet space. Digital Journal’s tablet apps offer outstanding features with a sleek design, and the tablets themselves provide unique reading experiences we know readers are going to love.”

Digital Journal’s iPad and PlayBook apps showcase top news and commentary from tens of thousands of Digital Journal members across the world. The tablet apps also include blogs, special reports and image galleries featuring an up-close-and-personal look at communities, people and events from thousands of cities.

“We are excited Digital Journal has picked our tablet platform to further extend their presence in mobile,” said Jon Zifkin, Director of Customer Success, Polar Mobile. “Tablets will play an integral part in Digital Journal’s user engagement and monetization strategy.”

Digital Journal’s tablet apps boast an immersive and engaging reading experience with a stunning layout and social media features such as the ability to share content on Twitter and Facebook from within the apps.

The tablets apps also offer readers access to read and share Digital Journal’s Twitter and Facebook streams right within the apps.

Digital Journal’s iPad and PlayBook apps are available for download from the iTunes App Store (link) and BlackBerry App World (link) today.

This article was originally published on Digital Journal [Link]

Digital Journal launches Achievement & Badge program to showcase top talent

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Digital Journal, the parent company of Future of Media, today announced a new Achievements and Badge program designed to reward top members and highlight talent from the company’s 30,000+ members in 200 countries around the world.

Who is the most active member on Digital Journal? Who uploads the most original photography? Who comments most often?

Today Digital Journal is happy to introduce a new badge and Achievement program that showcases top talent and the most active members, giving everyone the chance to compete for top spots. Top contributors will be showcased more prominently across the digital media network and earn badges for reaching certain milestones and accomplishing various tasks.

How it works:

Digital Journal members can perform actions across the Digital Journal network such as posting news articles and blogs, uploading images and connecting to Facebook. Each member is given a certain number of points for completing actions and the people with the most points and who are most active can earn badges.

Also, every Digital Journal member is now ranked in order based on how active they are and how much they have contributed to the Digital Journal network. A leaderboard with the Top 50 members can be found here.

To view a person’s rank, points and badges simply click on their name. From here you can see how that person earned his or her points and who they are beating in the ranks. Points and Achievements are updated regularly to reflect activity in each calendar month and everything is reset at the start of the month to begin a new competition.

Digital Journal is launching its Achievements reward program with seven Achievements up for grabs, and the company will add more Achievements in the future.


The following Achievements are being announced at launch (a full list of who has earned each Achievement is here):

(1.) Power User The most active Digital Journal members who have earned the most points this month. Points are earned from doing various activities such as uploading articles, posting blogs, connecting to Facebook and receiving “Likes” on uploaded content this month.

(2.) Top Editor Digital Journal members who have submitted revisions on news articles that were approved. These are the top editors with the most approved edits.

(3.) Top Photographer Digital Journal members who have submitted the most original photos this month.

(4.) Top Commenter Digital Journal members who have commented the most this month.

(5.) Top Blogger Digital Journal members who have published the most blogs this month.

(6.) Top Content Producer Digital Journal members who have received the highest number of Likes on their content this month.

(7.) Million Pageviews Given to Digital Journal members who have received more than 1 million pageviews on their content.

To see a list of how many points each action is worth, bookmark this page.

The most coveted Achievement is the Power User reward, an honour that identifies the most active and prolific Digital Journal members. Because the Power User spot is the most difficult to maintain and earn each month, Digital Journal will reward Power Users with the following additional benefits:

• A special Power User badge will appear on the person’s profile page.

• Digital Journal Staff will promote and profile Power Users.

• Power Users will be listed in the TopFinds roundup each week.

• Content uploaded by Power Users will be featured and promoted frequently via Digital Journal’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

• Power Users can participate in private chats with Digital Journal staff members to offer feedback, provide input on new features and maintain a direct line of communication with decision-makers behind the scenes.

• Digital Journal will issue a press release each month to showcase and promote Power Users.

• Power Users will be promoted and featured to new members when they sign up to the site as Suggested Users to follow.

• Digital Journal will also promote Power Users via the company’s sister site, Future of Media.

For Power Users, the above benefits will be given to Digital Journal members for one month after earning the Achievement (i.e. a person who earns a Power User badge in September will be given the above additional privileges in the month of October).

All Achievements will be reset each month to allow new people a chance to earn a badge for each action.

This article was originally published on Digital Journal [Link]

Arianna Huffington: Do not treat online news like ‘stepchild’

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By Lynn Herrmann (Guest contributor/Digital Journalist)

Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post, told an audience of Canadian media executives they should expand their digital presence, rather than treat it “as a stepchild,” a move which has been detrimental to US media organizations in the past.

“If you have a story, print it,” Ms. Huffington told her audience of Quebec media companies at their annual convention this past week, the Canadian Press reports.

She added today’s world expects real-time information provided by online news.Huffington’s speech was followed by a Q&A session. She told the audience companies need not fear a strong online presence. “Promiscuity may not be good in a relationship but it’s good online,” she continued.

During her presentation, Huffington noted online communication has become an essential part of being connected with one another, as people seek avenues for achieving success and personal happiness. She referenced the millions of online comments as an example. Smart media organizations, according to Huffington, should not just put up pretty sites, but must make them engaging by producing solid content along with good writing and editing. “

If it doesn’t encourage engagement, it belongs in the past,” she noted. However, Huffington added digital media companies can use traditional news organizations to their advantage by providing accuracy and fairness in reporting, while conducting careful fact-checking.

HuffPo, with nearly 25 million unique monthly visitors, was sold earlier this year to AOL for $315 million. The merger was expected to reach 117 million Americans and a global audience of 270 million.

Earlier this year, Huffington launched Huffington Post Canada and followed that with a UK version. Additional expansions are planned for Brazil, France, Spain and Quebec.

Huffington was named to Time Magazine’s Time 100, a list of the world’s 100 most influential people, in 2006 and again in 2011.

Photo courtesy of jdlasica

This article was originally published on Digital Journal [Link]

Hollywood Reporter sued by rival Penske Media Corporation

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by David Silverberg

The next stage of the ongoing feud between the Hollywood Reporter‘s parent company Prometheus Global Media and PMC began today with the announcement of a lawsuit. PMC, which owns, and other digital media properties, is suing PGM for copyright infringement for an unspecified amount.

The lawsuit alleges “THR was so incompetent and careless in its theft, that it actually copied the original source code labels exactly as they existed on, and did not even attempt to rename them.” The lawsuit adds, “THR did not even make an effort to correct typographical errors contained in PMC’s source code. As of the date of this Complaint’s filing, any individual can go to THR’s website and, with the simple click of a mouse, discover THR’s blatant infringement.”

The lawsuit also claims The Hollywood Reporter tried to poach Deadline’s employees, to no avail. THR is also accused of beginning an “incessant campaign of misappropriating wholesale content from Deadline’s website.”

This suit isn’t the first conflict between the two companies. Recently, Nikki Finke of printed a lengthy email response to THR lawyers who allege she slandered the company with an earlier report about THR’s financial troubles. It’s a lengthy read but gives a good indication of just how tense relations are between the two rivals who report on Hollywood.

More on this story as info is leaked.