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For those who missed the Future of Media event on April 6, 2011, the following clips have been made available. You can also read a written recap of Future of Media 2011 here.

The discussion topic centered on the relationship between start-ups and media companies; entrepreneurial journalism; gamification; paywalls; and the future of media. The panel was made up of the following individuals:

  1. Jamie Angus, Acting Head of News at BBC World News.
  2. Jon Taylor is Senior Director of Content for CTV Digital Media.
  3. Mathew Ingram, a senior writer with the technology blog network GigaOM.
  4. Chris Boutet is the senior producer for digital media at the National Post.
  5. Kathy Vey is Editor-in-Chief of OpenFile

The panel discussion was moderated by Managing Editor, David Silverberg. The clips from Future of Media April 2011 event are in order below.

Each clip is rendered in low- and high-resolution versions depending on your bandwidth. You can view each clip in high-definition.:

Part 1: How optimistic should we be about media’s future?

Part 2: Digital-first strategies

Part 3: Journalists, Twitter & Facebook

Part 4: Mobile

Part 5: BBC’s coverage of the election using social media, user-generated content

Part 6: Revenue, paywalls

Part 7: Start-ups working in news

Part 8: ROI from tablets/mobile development

Part 9: Augmented reality

Part 10: Is the news media over-staffed for the global age?

Part 11: News sites VS. aggregators

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