To read Jonathan Franzen article on New Yorker Facebook Page, you need to “Like” it

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by David Silverberg

You’ve heard of paywalls but what about “like walls”? New Yorker magazine is mimicking the music industry by locking a new article on their Facebook Page and interested readers can only access the full article by clicking the “Like” button on the publication’s Facebook Page.

If you don’t “like” it, you can only read the intro to Jonathan Franzen‘s lengthy article about visiting Alejandro Selkirk, the island where the book Robinson Crusoe was said to have been based. Once you “like” it, the entire article becomes available immediately.

So far, more than 203,000 people have “liked” the Page. Earlier today, the count was closer to 200,000.

The New Yorker is experimenting with an idea often seen in the music industry. Last month, Jennifer Lopez asked Facebook fans to “like” a song if they wanted to download the track on iTunes. Also, Lil Wayne unlocked a track off a new album once fans “liked” his Facebook Page.

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