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For those who missed the Future of Media event on Sept 24, 2009, the following clips have been made available. You can also read a written recap of Future of Media 2010.

The discussion topic was social media and mobile, and included a panel made up of experts from a variety of industries:

  • Rachel Nixon, director of digital media at CBC News and former editor at NowPublic
  • Richard Mcilveen, producer of the local late-night CTV News and the tech trends segment Webmania
  • Keith McArthur, senior director of social media and digital communications for Rogers Communications
  • Tim Shore, founder of Toronto news site blogTO
  • Chris Hogg, CEO of

The panel discussion was moderated by Managing Editor, David Silverberg. The clips from Future of Media 2009 are in order below:

Part 1: How digital content is different than other media; Why relying on advertising revenue is not enough.

Part 2: How do news organizations produce more content with fewer resources? What are the strengths & weaknesses of the Web?

Part 3: Is news becoming more collaborative and involving the audience?

Part 4: Can user-generated content and citizen journalism be trusted? How do you get more people to engage on a website?

Part 5: What is the business model likely to emerge for user-generated news organizations? Does content that works online, work offline as well?

Part 6: What can newsrooms learn from the BBC? What do hyperlocal blogs do better than mainstream media? How should brands engage with people through social media?

Part 7: The impact of TV becoming more interactive; Reader loyalty in the era of the Internet; Citizen journalists’ role in a large-scale news event.

Part 8: Podcasting and the future of radio; Separating editorial and advertising; How citizen journalism can be verified

Part 9: Investigative journalism; Providing resources to citizen journalists; Protecting citizen journalists; Ethnic diversity in citizen journalism

Part 10: Social media’s impact on journalism; Does citizen journalism produce too much noise?

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